4-Ingredient Oven-Baked Nutella S’Mores

These chocolatey, crunchy, chewy and sweet Oven-Baked Nutella S’Mores are just as good, if not better, than the traditional campfire favorite. Gather around the oven with your loved ones and enjoy this modern twist on a classic dessert.

4-Ingredient Ove-Baked Nutella S'Mores

I don’t think I have had s’mores since I was a brownie. Yes, I was a Girl Scout… #represent. And, when I lived in Memphis, we went camping at one point. I remember we brought our sleeping bags, despite us all sleeping in a cabin. Which, looking back, is hilarious. Oh, and one more thing I remember is they made us clean the bathrooms. Which, looking back, is slightly cruel and, yes, hilarious.

If anyone asks where I drew inspiration for this dessert, the answer is I have absolutely no idea. It just came to me because of the temperature drops this weekend in Florida. Despite the fact that I have no access to a bonfire and our fireplace is broken (and is covered by a glass window). So, improvisation was necessary. Shout out to my oven. So clutch.

4-Ingredient Ove-Baked Nutella S'Mores

I was a little afraid at how this would come out: would it be too messy? Would the layers stick? The answers to these questions, respectively: slightly, and yes. The messiness comes with s’mores territory, and I think we can all expect that when it comes to s’mores. I thought about making these into bars, but I saw recipes all over the internet, and felt like being different. Plus, this is only 4 ingredients and ridonkulously easy. That’s how I like it.

These s’mores resemble lasagna in that there are layers. This makes for a wonderful combination of textures and flavors: s’mores on steroids.

4-Ingredient Ove-Baked Nutella S'Mores 4-Ingredient Ove-Baked Nutella S'Mores 4-Ingredient Ove-Baked Nutella S'Mores

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4-Ingredient Ove-Baked Nutella S'Mores

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4-Ingredient Ove-Baked Nutella S'Mores


  1. says

    hahaha ‘i’m not sure where the inspiration came from… there are no bonfires around me…’
    i was also a girl scout! not sure if i ever learnt anything except to convince old people to buy our cookies. This looks amazing tho. Glad I dont need to go camping to be able to eat smores :)

  2. says

    I was already in love with these just from seeing the pics on Instagram, but then you add Nutella? Sign. Me. Up. S’mores are one of my favorite foods and I’m a firm believer in not needing a fire to indulge in them.

  3. says

    Holy SHHHHHHHH*$% this looks amazeballs. S’mores are my all time fav sweet. Like no question. And Nutella is so addicting I don’t keep it in the house. So basically what I’m saying is that this is probably my heaven. You rock my world.

  4. says

    my favorite type of s’mores is with a reese’s cup, but this is a total game changer!! sorry for the lack of correct capitalization, im currently soaking my nails to get the gel polish off and only have two fingers to type hehe


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