Frequently Asked Questions

I absolutely love connecting with my readers, followers, and friends through The Blissful Balance – it’s one of the best, most rewarding parts of what I do! Because I do often receive repeating questions, I thought I would create this Frequently Asked Questions page to help answer any questions you might have for me.

What is your workout routine?

I love exercising! In fact, I work for a flexible fitness corporate wellness startup with which I receive free boutique group fitness classes as a job perk. Because of that, I often incorporate group fitness into my routine. The trifecta ordinarily includes running, group fitness, and solo workouts at the gym. Here is what a typical week looks like:

Monday: Run 3 miles (I have an early AM conference call every Monday, so these workouts are usually pretty rushed).
Tuesday: Upper body strength
Wednesday: Run 3 miles + core workout
Thursday: Lower body strength
Friday: Run 3 miles + core

The classes I enjoy the most are indoor cycling, small group strength training, bootcamp, and barre. As for running: I used to run a lot more, and my routine often fluctuates from little to no running in the Summer (thanks, Florida heat) to a lot of running in the Fall/Winter. For my posts about running and fitness, click here.

What is your one tip for good food photography?

My absolute #1 tip for food photography is to utilize natural lighting as much as you can. For help perfecting your food photography, I recommend these references:
Food Photography Tips for Food Bloggers
The 7 Photography Tools that will Transform Your Blog
Food Photography and Styling for Bloggers on a Budget

Can I sub this ingredient for that ingredient?

I am not a professional chef, and have never received a culinary education. All of my cooking knowledge has been obtained through personal research and experience. All recipes on my website were tested as displayed. I will provide answers to the best of my abilities, but please understand that I am simply a home chef.

Would you like this infographic to put on your website?


Are you vegan?

While I do enjoy experimenting with vegan recipes, I, myself, am not a vegan. I do not follow any particular diet.

How do you come up with your recipes?

Friends/family, food magazines, foodgawker, Pinterest, general cravings. I often come up with ideas on my own, then search the internet to continue inspiration. Additionally, many of my recipes are just easy meals that I eat in my everyday life.

Do you have a _____ recipe?

On every page of my website, I’ve provided a search bar for you to search for any recipe that your heart desires! On my homepage you’ll find it by scrolling down a bit (it’s one of the horizontal rows), and on my posts, you’ll find it in the sidebar. If I do not have it, I am always happy to take requests.

What are the nutrition facts for this recipe? 

I do not count calories for anything I eat, and I do not promote counting calories. Please see this post for more on this topic.

What kind of camera do you use?

I currently use a Canon EOS Rebel SL1.

Would you be interested in swapping guest posts?

Thank you for asking! Unfortunately I am not available for guest post swaps. However, I am happy to answer any interview questions you may have.