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About the Blogger

I’m Christina – the food-obsessed, fitness enthusiast, peanut butter addict, Cuban-Italian girl behind The Blissful Balance. I’ve grown up around good food and good cooks, but it wasn’t until college that I began to cook on my own. It was also then that I discovered food blogs – a revelation to a then culinary virgin. The love for food that was embedded into my DNA suddenly shone through, and my journey began.

I graduated from the University of Florida (GO GATORS) and began my first full-time job a few months after graduation. A sales job for a multi-billion dollar company, I felt like a mindless minion and wasn’t getting the experience I’d hoped for. After roughly seven months, I said goodbye to my steady salary, insurance benefits, 401(k), and general financial security, and had absolutely no plan but the goal of finding my niche.

Fast forward a couple months, I landed a job with a fitness technology startup that I love. While the startup life is pretty hectic, it has taught me more about running a business than any job/class I’ve had/taken.

The Blissful Balance

Why “The Blissful Balance”?

‘The Blissful Balance’ is a happy medium. It’s about taking time to live. It’s about indulging in moderation, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, and striving to maintain a healthy body and mind.

The name ‘The Blissful Balance’ isn’t just some cute, alliterative title I thought of out of thin air. It represents much more: the ultimate destination in one’s life whose struggle with a balance between food, fitness, health and happiness seems never-ending. After going through my battle with balance, and after finding my ‘blissful balance’, in September 2013 I ventured into the blogosphere with the intention of spreading my message to help others who may be dealing with something similar.

What you’ll find on The Blissful Balance:

A plethora of blissfully balanced recipes; a healthy mix of wholesome and indulgent.
Anecdotes of adventure, whether it’s a weekend trip to NYC or a two-week getaway to Italy.
Tips and tidbits on business, organization, and productivity that I’ve learned through my own experiences.
Heartfelt articles of contemplation related to the battle of living a balanced life, with an intent of inspiration.

The Blissful Balance

Food Disclaimer

I have no formal culinary training – just a simple love for food and cooking. My cooking skills are derived from watching my mother and grandmother in the kitchen, as well as a long process of trial and error. Here’s why I think you shouldn’t be afraid to cook.

Recipe Policy

Each recipe shared on The Blissful Balance is my own unless otherwise noted. Please do not republish any recipe content without prior consent.

Photography Policy

Each photograph shared on The Blissful Balance is my own work unless otherwise noted. Please do not redistribute my photography unless a proper credit and link to The Blissful Balance is shared along with the photograph, or I grant you permission.

The Blissful Balance