So You Skipped a Workout

My goal lately has been five workouts a week. I’ve been doing great for the last couple weeks, until I hit this week. Monday I did 20-minutes of sprints on the treadmill, then a kettle bell workout. I used a heavier-than-normal kettle bell for my swings and, apparently, compensating somehow using my lower back, because I woke up Tuesday morning with a horrible, shooting pain in that area. I ignored it and figured I was just sore. I put myself through a workout anyway, and ended up having a lame, counterproductive gym session.

This morning when I woke up, the pain had died down a little, but I told myself I had to take the day off. Something I have struggled with over the years is giving myself a break, mentally and physically. Especially if I am sedentary all day. Lately, I have been exercising Monday-Friday, and taking rest days Saturday and Sunday. However, most of the time over the weekend I am active. I’m out and about, not thinking about how I missed a workout.

This weeks rest day was a week day, a sedentary, stare-at-the-computer-all-day, weekday. And that’s okay.

If you are an 80% active individual, your body needs that 20%. Rest days are actually just as important as active days. If you’re training your body beyond its’ ability to recover, it can be harmful. But I’m not just referring to physicality. Rest days are important for your noggin.

As a fitness enthusiast, it can be difficult to not obsess over the fact that you’re not getting any exercise this day or that day. But it’s important to keep in mind that after today or after your weekend of rest days, you will be back on track. Remember that you have control over yourself and you will get yourself back on track, so enjoy today. Enjoy your relaxation, enjoy your day off. Work hard and give each workout your all, and know when to back off.

Just a quick rant for your Wednesday evening. No questions today, but I would love to hear your thoughts below!


  1. says

    It’s always so hard for me to take time off, even though I know its best for my body. It’s so much of a mental game and learning to be ok with taking a rest day is so freeing!

    • The Blissful Balance says

      Exactly! Same here. I struggle with feeling lazy, for sure. But knowing that I have control over starting back into my routine is great.

  2. says

    I can totally relate! I like to workout in the AM before work where I’m in one place all day staring at a computer, but some days I know I’d be doing more harm than good by working out that day. Taking rest days during the week is so much harder than on the weekends (when I normally take them) so it’s good to know I’m not alone 😀

  3. says

    I can definitely relate to this, especially because I’m (normally) very sedentary throughout the week. The weekend is typically spent outdoors or running errands so I’m on the go and not thinking about it as much. Plus it’s the weekend so there’s societal permission to be lazy (which I don’t need, I can do what I want). But sitting at a desk all day makes me dwell on how little I’ve moved/walked that day.

  4. says

    Ah, so true! I tend to beat myself up and feel lazy on rest days, especially unplanned ones (like today, haha). Trying to break that cycle, though.

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