Fresh Tomato & Brussels Sprout Thin Crust Pizza

The following is a guest post by fellow foodie and creator of the Baking Steel, Andris Lagsdin. Read about what inspired him and his creation, here. This is an original recipe, just for you TBB readers!

Pizza can be healthy. I just know it! You’ve got four basic ingredients in the dough-flour, salt, water and yeast. Pair this with farm fresh vegetables and organic cheeses…what better way to throw a meal together? It’s fast, easy to share and most importantly, delicious!

Tomato and Brussels Sprouts Pizza

I personally, prefer my ingredients to go on raw. Since they are going into a very hot oven, a quick flash of heat brings out the most intense flavors of the raw ingredients. I also like to reduce the size of my dough to 150 grams. I grab my rolling pin and roll the living shit out of the air bubbles. This is going to form a very flat or thin-crust pizza.

Tomato and Brussels Sprout Pizza

Of course the secret weapon in all of this pizza-making is the Baking Steel. With this tool, you will see results in 3 or 4 minutes-especially with the broiler going on all cylinders. A pizza stone will suffice but for that wood-fired, pizzeria style, to-die-for pie, you definitely need a Baking Steel! Apologies in advance for the sales pitch, but go get one here: It will change your life.
Tomato and Brussels Sprout Pizza

Typically, when I’m using tomatoes, I like to pair with fresh mozzarella and basil. But everyone uses basil. So, today I’m grabbing some fresh brussels sprouts, shaving them and tossing with a bit of olive oil and sea salt. When that pizza comes out of the oven, we’ll toss on the shaved brussels sprouts to give it a bit of color, texture and surprising deliciousness! You will be blown away!

Tomato and Brussels Sprout Pizza

So grab your ingredients and give this pizza a try! Remember to snap a photo, because that will likely be your only
evidence this pizza was ever made. It’s that good! Enjoy!


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Tomato and Brussels Sprout Pizza

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Fresh Tomatoes + Brussels Sprout Thin Crust Pizza

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    Did you know that I absolutely LOVE pizza! I can take down a whole pie sometimes…HAHA! It is my absolute favorite, because the possibilities are ENDLESS…Great recipe and happy Friday! XOXO

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