Why Hard Work Beats Luck

If there is one thing that I have gained throughout my blogging journey, it has been the privilege to meet, interact and grow with fellow bloggers who inspire me on a daily basis. I am so happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to write this piece for this beautiful soul, Katie of She Rocks Fitness. When Katie approached me about sharing a guest post on her blog, I was honored and humbled to share my words on another blog whose author I so completely look up to! Below is an excerpt of my article, followed by a link to the remainder.


As I walked across the stage, feet sweating, milliseconds away from slipping out of my Jessica Simpson, patent leather pumps, green ‘2014’ tassle swinging from my black, decorated graduation cap… the last eight years flashed before my eyes. The late nights at Starbucks, eyes dry and head throbbing from the LED computer screen staring back at me for hours on end. The countless, and I mean countless, notecards created and rehearsed over and over, until the exam was slapped onto the table in front of me. It felt so good to get that diploma, after eight years of busting my butt to get it.

I say eight years because, in high school, my main objective was to get into the University of Florida. So, every move and choice I made was decided with that intent in mind. Every club I joined, AP class I squeezed into my schedule, varsity sport I played. It was drilled into my brain that you had to have ‘this’ GPA, ‘this’ ACT score, ‘this’ SAT score, ‘this’ good of an essay, they only accept ‘this’ many applicants. An 18-year old with a lack of confidence, my year was made the instant I read my acceptance letter. That’s not to say it was easy…oh no, it was quite the opposite.

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