Be Your Own Inspiration: Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

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So one time I ran a half marathon and I hadn’t ever run a mile in my life. You’ve got to be some kind of stupid to do that… but it was fun. Ok, hear me out.

Yes, it did result in Achilles Tendonitis in both of my Achilles tendons and I could barely walk for months after. Yes, I was stupid enough to wear extremely minimalist shoes (when I NEED cushion and stability) that I’d just bought, because I thought they were pretty and didn’t know any better. And yes, I cried when I crossed the finish line because I was so happy it was over, and a feeling of accomplishment overflowed my mind and body.


I was inspired… by myself. Running is a giant source of inspiration, due to it’s difficulty and the need for mental toughness to be able to partake in it. When I finish a tough run, I am inspired and impressed with myself for pushing through. There are many runs where I just want to quit. Everything hurts, I have an ongoing side stitch, my shins hurt, whatever it may be. But that’s just a part of running. Running pains are real, and so are growing pains. Life is tough, and sometimes you have to serve as your own inspiration to make it through.

The other day I was thinking about my half marathon in 2011 (the Disney Princess Half Marathon to be exact). I missed that feeling of being so impressed with myself for merely finishing. I love the accomplishment you feel after working so hard for something. So, I opened up my laptop and signed up for the Gasparilla Half Marathon in February 2016. Next thing I know, I’m printing a training plan and grabbing my Runner’s World training journal. What have I done?

But I know I can do it. It’s 100% mind over matter. If you are ever feeling scared or intimidated by something, remember instances in the past where you beat the odds. Or maybe a time when you felt so confident about something that there was no question in mind.


These Mizuno Wave Inspire 12’s appeared on my doorstep with impeccable timing. Their title alone made me feel empowered.


I am a heel striker, which may be the worst habit one could have next to smoking cigarettes. My shins and knees have taken a beating in the last few years of running, so any shoe that will help alleviate that pain is great by me. I was hoping these shoes would be aids to my horrible running form, and they certainly served their purpose. I tested these shoes out on many runs and even in some strength classes, and they felt great. They’re also really lightweight, which definitely helps for longer runs.

In addition to my heel striking, to give you all a better idea of whether this shoe is good for you or not, I over pronate like it’s nobody’s business. Basically, I’m just a big wobbly mess of a runner. (I know, I need to work on my strength. I GET IT.)


Besides the fact that they feel great – look how pretty they are! For some reason, when I go running, I like to tack on as many different colors to my body as possible. You know, striped leggings, neon top, pink socks, and now, purple shoes. Don’t ask questions.

This style will be available for purchase in mid-October. Here’s how they’re different from the previous model:

  • Improved upper has a supportive design for a soft-yet-structural fit.
  • Increased blown rubber in the forefoot for improved durability and softness.
  • Redesigned, U4ic midsole platform provides more ground contact and a softer touch down.

I’m so excited to be adding these shoes to my collection!


Can you tell how excited I am?


Join the conversation:
How do you stay inspired?
What type of running style do you possess?
Have you ever signed up for a race with little to no thought prior?

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    • says

      Ouch, sorry you’re dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. Looks like this post is from a long time ago, so hope you’re better by now! Getting good running shoes is key, but also stretches, exercises and these little magical arch supports that I found and ‘poof’ I’m finally good to go and running 10K’s again! here’s the link in case:

  1. says

    I inspired myself during my first triathlon last weekend! It’s such a great feeling!! Good luck on your training, you will be ready to kick some major half marathon booty in Feb! <- get it? As in pirates booty bc it's the Gasparilla? Ok I'll stop! You go girl! :) I need to sign up for one of the Gasparilla races!
    Alexandria recently posted…Review: Sushi Battle TampaMy Profile

    • The Blissful Balance says

      LOL the price tag, indeed!! That’s how I am with, say, fitness classes. If I’m paying for a class and if I sign up, my ass is going haha. What sneakers do you use?!

  2. says

    I love these! I have a pair from Saucony in a similar color and I swear the brighter the shoes, the faster I run (jk :)) . I’m also a major heel striker/over pronator. My marathon coach hated me…but I got custom insoles and they did actually help so if you haven’t already, I highly recommend trying them out.
    Kellen recently posted…This Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

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