Build Your Own Energy Bars: Raaw Macaw!

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There are a few instances where packing snacks is ideal: work meetings, traveling, sporting events, amusement park trips, you get the picture. Being that I work remotely, the most prevalent of these instances, for me, is work meetings. And as I’m sure just as many of my fellow bloggers, healthy eaters or people who are generally always hungry, I’m usually the only one to pack snacks. But it’s all good – if I get stuck in a giant traffic jam, I have my snacks.

I’m a bar person. I can do nuts, I can do dried fruit or trail mix, but it’s just easier if everything is smushed into bar form. It takes up less room in my purse, makes less of a mess, and is easier to get all of the flavors I love into one bite.

Raaw Macaw! Energy Bars

Like I said, I use bars to fuel me during days that I have work meetings, but since I will be traveling soon for a week-long vacation to Canada, I need all the bars I can fit in my carry on!

Raaw Macaw! is a small company based out of Orlando, FL, that makes wholesome, healthy energy bars, with ingredients you can pronounce, taste and feel (as in, chunks of cashews and melted chocolate!). My favorite flavors are ‘peanut buttery cashew’ and ‘cookie dough’. The cookie dough bar, I kid you not, tasted exactly like cookie dough.

Raaw Macaw! Energy Bars

Here’s the breakdown (all organic):

Base: Cashew butter and dates

Cashew butter provides a great source of unsaturated fats, and the dates an easy-to-digest amount of carbs. Not to mention, the flavor combination is one of my favorite snacks alone! The other options, when creating your own, are peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower butter, and their own recipe of Macaw! base, which is a combo of almond butter and dates.

Protein: whey protein isolate (all natural)

Raaw Macaw! prides themselves on using protein without any additives or strange ingredients. I have not found a vegan protein powder that I find tasty, so I asked them to please refrain from using vegan protein in my bars. However, the other protein options you can choose from are brown rice protein, hemp protein, vegan blend, and pea protein.

Sweeteners: raw clover honey

The honey in this bar not only sweetens the flavor, but it binds the ingredients together and acts as a natural preservative. Other sweetener options include agave nectar, coconut nectar, and fiber syrup.

The bar is also enhanced with flavors from vanilla extractchocolate chips, and spices like sea salt.

There are so many options for you to choose from to create your own custom bar. Oh, and Raaw Macaw! wants you to save money on your first batch! Enter the code BLISS2015 at checkout and save 10%! Click here to get started.

Raaw Macaw! Energy Bars

My overall consensus:

  • The flavor is awesome. I know, at times, energy bars that claim to be healthy and made from wholesome ingredients can have a less desirable taste, but I promise you, these bars taste great.
  • They break apart pretty easy. As in, don’t leave them in the heat because they will melt or fall apart when you open them (because they are made of real food.)
  • They are high in calories. Each one has over 200 calories. But that’s the point. Energy bars are for…energy. I know, I still eat them when I’m sitting at my desk or on an airplane, but they are meant for use corresponding to exercise. I will definitely have some in my backpack while hiking in Canada.
  • Yum.

Join the conversation:
What do you prefer: trail mix or energy bar (trail mix in bar form)?
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  1. says

    I prefer to eat things in a mix since I can eat them over time. With bars I think I eat them too quick and it upsets my stomach. This sounds really cool though and I might have to give it a shot!

    I could eat fruit all day anyday, then popcorn & pretzels top my list!

    Dates aren’t quite my thing but if I have to have them I have them in oatmeal :)
    Kristin recently posted…Sweet Tea And Me – Nashville Part SixMy Profile

    • The Blissful Balance says

      I totally know what you mean – eating things in a mix makes me feel like I’m eating more than I am haha!

    • The Blissful Balance says

      That’s understandable! Some of ’em can be super strange. Yum I love that combo too for a snack!

    • The Blissful Balance says

      I luuurrve energy balls. I have got to get my butt in the kitchen and make some this week to bring with me. I’m going to Banff National Park! Can’t wait!!! Mountains + no cell service. Yes.

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