5 Simple Egg Recipes for Busy Weeknights

Enjoy these five easy egg recipes for busy weeknights (you know, when the last thing you want to do is cook)! Thank you to Eggland’s Best for sponsoring this post. Photos, recipes, opinions are all my own, as always. Thank you for your continuous support!

5 Simple Egg Recipes for Busy Weeknights

When I was in college, eggs were probably one of the most popular ingredients that appeared on my dinner plate.

Now that the busyness of my life has undoubtedly increased over the last couple of years, I look back at my college years and realize that… I actually wasn’t that busy back then. I realize that I actually miss being how “busy” I was back then. Now that I think about it, I was more busy in high school than I was in college. How many times can one say ‘busy’ in a single paragraph?

In high school I played sports all year round (cheerleading in the Fall, track & field in the Spring) which kept me busy enough. Add six classes (sometimes most of them AP classes) and the countless clubs I was a member of, and I had barely any time to do my homework. College is rough, yes, because the workload of your classes increases significantly. But I was fortunate enough to only work one job in college. So the two focuses I had were balancing work and class. Which felt like a lot at the time, but I think now that I wonder if my head is going to spin off on a daily basis, that was cake.

Now that I’ve successfully gone off on a tangent, let’s get back to the point here. In college I was a bittt lazy, I didn’t feel like cooking when it came to dinner time, so eggs were my homeboy. I thought that would end after college, but I still find them to be one of my favorite ingredients (except now I’m not lazy, I’m just exhausted). Eggs are an ingredient that should be freed of their ‘lazy’ connotation! They are a great asset to any dinner plate, people!

In fact, eggs are used in many a gourmet meal! But I’m not here to get all gourmet-y on ya (not like I can). But today I’m rounding up the five super simple egg recipes I created exclusively for Eggland’s Best! EB has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now, and I’m over the moon excited that I’ve been able to work with them on this series. I think it’s so important to show that you can eat healthfully on those busy weeknights, and eggs are a perfectly acceptable way of doing so!

Without further ado, here is my round-up of five simple egg recipes for busy weeknights! Might I add – they’re simple, yet creative. It’s time to move on from the usual scrambled eggs n’ sausage. Let’s get funky, shall we?

Buttery Grits with Roasted Asparagus and a Fried Egg

Buttery Grits with Roasted Asparagus and Fried Egg

I’ve actually grown up in a house where grits are made almost every Sunday morning. Funny enough, I used to loathe them when I was younger. But as I’ve grown, I’ve learned to absolutely love them. To me, they are a salty, savory version of cream of wheat or rice. Drop a fried egg on top, break that yolk and let it ooze into the salty grits – your tastebuds will thank you, trust me. This is such an easy recipe and takes a minimal amount of time, energy, and ingredients.

Pea Pesto Open-Faced Sandwiches

Pea Pesto Open-Faced Sandwiches

A more casual weeknight meal, these Pea Pesto Open-Faced Sandwiches should most definitely make it into your breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner rotation! Pesto is such a wonderful sauce to slather on basically anything, so it’s fun to mix it up every once in a while! This pesto doesn’t contain any nuts, so it’s great for anyone with a nut allergy. It’s a super simple and quick combination that takes your toast to the next level. If you prefer, you can also scramble instead of fry your egg. I’m a yolk lover, so I prefer that drippy yolk all over my food. I should add – when I “fry” my eggs, it is actually the furthest from a traditional fried egg. I simply spray my pan with olive oil spray, and cook the egg on a lower temperature until the membrane is completely white and the egg is cooked.

Egg-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Egg-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Looking for a healthier recipe to quench your bacon, cheese, egg, savory flavor cravings? Look no further. I cannot simply express to you how easy this recipe is. Plus, it comes in a small size that can be easily repeated for larger crowds to serve at a brunch, as an appetizer, or a side dish! Quick tip: under cook your eggs a bit when scrambling, this way they won’t overcook in the oven!

5-Ingredient Cauliflower “Fried Rice”

5-Ingredient Cauliflower "Fried Rice"

Looks like fried rice, doesn’t it? Well, sorry but it ain’t. But…not sorry because it’s so flavorful, I would choose it over fried rice any day. Seriously – I could eat this entire bowl in five seconds. Cauliflower is such a versatile vegetable, and my new favorite thing is transforming it into a rice-like consistency and cooking it as such. I love this dish because while it feels and tastes just like fried rice (which is not the healthiest of classic recipes), the dish is made up almost all vegetables. Eggs make their way into the dish in the scrambled fashion, similar to classic fried rice.

Skillet Chickpeas and Broccoli “Rice”

Skillet Chickpeas with Broccoli "Rice"

Not to play favorites or anything, butttt this is my favorite recipe. Look at this huge batch. I ate it in, no joke, two days. I’m not sure if I’m embarrassed or proud, but all I have to say is broccoli rice is a thing and I hope it stays. I love this recipe not only because it’s full of flavor and different textures, but because it’s a one-skillet dealio. Less mess! YES! I swear, 90% of the issue with cooking in your mind has to do with cleaning up.  So, anything that requires just one pan is a good thing. I loved adding Eggland’s Best eggs to the top of this because it allowed for three times the yolk porn, and three times the yolk ooze. Can you imagine all the yolk up in them crevices? Rated XXX, for real.

I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who followed along my Instagram takeover on the EB Instagram account this week. Your support means more to me than you can ever imagine! I hope you enjoyed these eggs-cellent recipes (you didn’t think I would end this without an egg pun… did you) and I inspire you to get creative next time you whip up some of these bad boys!

Join the conversation:
What is your favorite way to eat eggs? (I love them poached!)
What was your go-to lazy meal in college?

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      so funny you say that. every time i come visit Christian i go to this acai bowl place like everyday because i dont have one where i live and there’s one just down the street from his house and he always says ‘those things are just full of sugar’! and even though i dont care and i still go (lol), I never really thought about how smoothies really can have a lot of sugar haha and i maybe eat them too much hahah
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      Lol I have a special situation right now where I am essentially working three jobs – I’ve alluded to it in past posts so that’s what I’m referring to, do not worry!!! I don’t mean to scare you I’m sorry haha nothing to worry about! <3 Thanks for reading girl! Those sweet potatoes were one of my faves of the five!

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    oh my gosh this is just amazing!! I seriously LOVE eggs and eat them all the time. Yesterday I made a kale, egg and avocado english muffin sandwich for lunch and my little sister looked at it and was like “okay, I need one of those too” and off she went to make one.
    This is an amazing series Christina, so awesome 😀

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