Supergreen Superfood Falafel

Thank you to organicgirl for sponsoring this post. As always, the recipe(s), photos, and opinions, are all my own. 

These falafel are soft and moist on the inside, and crispy on the outside. They’re packed with nutrients and flavor, making for a pita filled with goodness.
Supergreen Superfood Falafel

I was walking through a local farmer’s market a few months ago and noticed a tent set up serving Mediterranean food. They were the last tent in what felt like a mile-long row of vendors, yet the smells of their food served as a welcoming fragrance that lured me over.

Chickpea and quinoa salad, fresh hummus, dolma, the list goes on. Fresh, wholesome ingredients, just the way I like it. Of course, despite the fact that I’d had breakfast less than two hours prior and didn’t really have an appetite, I had to order something.

Supergreen Superfood Falafel

Falafel. My first falafel experience. Yes, I waited 23 years to try falafel. Sue me.

I ordered, paid for my food, sat on a bench near the tent and patiently waited for my lunch. When my name was called, I couldn’t have lifted myself up fast enough. I scurried up to meet the woman who hand-made every dish. She handed me a warm, foil-wrapped gyro.

I unfolded said gyro, and got to work. Instantly, a love story was rendered. Falafel became my homeboy.

Supergreen Superfood Falafel

Now, here I am, almost a year later, making my own. And let me tell you, I don’t have to rely on the bi-weekly Saturday farmer’s market anymore.

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These falafel are:

Bursting with flavor

Why are they super?

Supergreen Superfood Falafel

Because of these SUPERGREENS! from organicgirl. I wanted to fit lots of supergreens into a small but flavorful package, so falafel came instantly to mind. These SUPERGREENS! contain:

Baby red chard
Baby tat soi
Baby spinach
Baby arugula
Baby green swiss chard


Supergreen Superfood Falafel

These SUPERGREENS! added a ton of nutrients and a subtle enhancement of flavor to these falafel. You’ll feel better knowing you’re packing your bite with the superest of super greens.


Supergreen Superfood Falafel

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Supergreen Superfood Falafel

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Supergreen Superfood Falafel

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Supergreen Superfood Falafel


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