Let’s Talk Oats with Rachel Mansfield

The following is a guest post by one of my bloggie friends, Rachel Mansfield! She is the ultimate oatmeal connoisseur, so I thought I would have her spread her knowledge here on TBB. Take it away, Rachel!

Hi! I’m Rachel, the oat porn obsessed Instagrammer at @rachLmansfield. I currently live in Manhattan with my fiance who I am marrying in less than a month (crazy!). I love making delicious recipes (particularly breakfasts and desserts) and “healthifying” them so we can love what we eat and how we feel. If you like oatmeal, chocolate, nut butter and appreciate a good pizza, I think there’s a good chance we will get along.rachelmansfieldguestpost
My obsession with oatmeal began when I was around the age of two, and my Dad would make it for me every single morning before he went to work. It’s a comfort food for me, yet it’s completely nutritious and versatile. My favorite go-to breakfast is always overnight oats. I have been making them for about five years now and still haven’t gotten tired of eating them! Probably because there are so many different recipes you can make to keep your overnight oats exciting. All of my different recipes can be found on my blog here.
Out of all of the possibilities for overnight oats, my absolute favorite recipe is my oats with PB&J. This recipe is creamy, sweet, and always hits the spot. I make my own superfood jam that’s included in it, and I switch up the flavor of peanut butter when I make them. Currently there are over twelve varieties of nut butters in my kitchen, so I guess you can say I am slightly addicted.
Besides loving the taste and nutritious part of overnight oats, let’s just chat about the convenience factor.
Overnight oats has to be the easiest and most convenient breakfast to make during your food prep for the week. I jar them all on Sunday nights so I have breakfast for the next few days. I start with the basics (oats, nut milk, chia seeds, vanilla extract) and add the toppings and nut butters the morning of when I am eating my breakfast. You can grab the jar from your refrigerator, throw in anything else you want to your oats and head out the door. Boom – it doesn’t get easier than that.
Now it’s your turn!

Have you made Overnight Oats before?

What is your favorite way to make them?

xo, Rachel

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