5 Ways to Eat Eggs for Dinner

Happy Sunday, everyone!

While I’m in the middle of my move, food is an issue since I don’t want to have a lot of food in the fridge to transfer. Whether it’s now while I’m moving, or instances when I’m lazy or rushing, eggs are usually my go-to for a quick dinner.

They’re packed with protein, super easy, and go great with so many things. With that being said, I thought I would share some of my favorite egg recipes!

5 Ways to Eat Eggs for Dinner


1. Arugula Salad with Poached Eggs and Sautéed Mushrooms

2 eggs
Grape tomatoes, sliced in half
Avocado, cubed
1. Heat EVOO in a small skillet at medium heat. Saute mushrooms until soft and dark.
2. Poach eggs; here is a good instruction guide.
3. Place arugula in a bowl. Top with tomatoes, avocado, chickpeas, mushrooms, and eggs.
4. Drizzle with EVOO or rice vinegar.
5. Add salt and pepper. Enjoy!

2. Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Peppers, Topped with Avocado

3 eggs
Handful spinach
1/4 bell pepper (any color)
Canola spray
1. Heat small skillet to medium and spray with canola spray.
2. Saute peppers until soft. Add a bit of water if need-be.
3. Add spinach and cook until soft. Add eggs and mix together.
4. Cook until eggs are done, but still soft.
5. Place avocado on top of scramble and enjoy.

3. Eggs Atop Asparagus with Tomato Salad

3 eggs
Grape tomatoes
Rice vinegar
1. For the eggs, you can make them any way you like. Poach, scramble or sunny-side-up – it’s all good!
2. I prefer to bake my asparagus. But, for a quicker version, simply sauté in EVOO.
3. Slice grape tomatoes lengthwise and toss in EVOO with salt and pepper.
4. Place eggs atop asparagus and serve alongside tomato salad.

4. Homemade “Fried Rice” with Eggs and Frozen Veggies

Brown rice or quinoa
2 eggs
Frozen veggies
Soy sauce
Any additions you like!
1. Cook rice or quinoa in rice cooker.
2. Thaw veggies and add to a skillet that has been heated to medium with EVOO.
3. Add eggs and scramble with veggies.
4. Add rice and mix well.
5. Sprinkle with soy sauce – not too much!


5. Breakfast tacos

Corn tortillas
3 eggs
Shredded cheese
Canola spray
1. Spray small skillet with canola spray and heat to medium. Scramble eggs.
2. Heat tortillas on a flat skillet heated to medium, until bubbles or dark marks form.
3. Separate eggs onto tortillas and add salsa, avocado, cilantro and cheese.

For some more elaborate ways to eat eggs, check out this BuzzFeed post!



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    Yes to the breakfast tacos all the way!!! Breakfast for dinner is the best meal ever. Ever since I was a kid I think that’s my favorite meal and times it by two when I get it for dinner. Lol. Excellent ideas. I need to spice up my eggs a bit more.

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