18 Healthy Snacks That Don’t Need to Be Refrigerated

A round-up of eighteen healthy snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated, for anyone without access to a refrigerator during work, school, studying, and whatnot! 

18 Healthy Snacks That Don't Need to be Refrigerated

Being a remote employee and blogger, there isn’t much to staying fueled throughout the day. I simply walk to the kitchen. But don’t be fooled, my friend. I once experienced what it’s like to be out and about all day for work, sans refrigerator. Which can be difficult when you’ve got to pack a launch on the reg. Nobody wants a warm yogurt… the thought of that right now actually makes me nauseous.

I used to work a field sales job, which meant that my lunch would sit in my car for six hours (since I would start work at 6AM and not eat until around noon). Needless to say, I had to get a little creative. It was overnight oats for breakfast, since that was the first thing I ate and it would stay cool in the morning. Then a banana for a snack, maybe a little peanut butter pack if I was feeling fancy. A sandwich for lunch (every. day.), and a bag of pretzels or something lame. And this was all if I had time to eat (don’t get me started). I got tired of it. So, I started getting creative. I tried different muffin recipes, energy balls, you name it. Ya girl was killin’ the luke warm snack game.

So, instead of packing a little ice block in your Lululemon ‘lunch box’ (don’t think I don’t know you use your lulu bag as a lunch box… we all do it) and hoping for the best, it’s time to plan ahead, and pack snacks that will stay intact and delicious without a handy dandy refrigerator.

4-Ingredient Chocolate Cranberry Energy Balls

1. 4-Ingredient Cranberry Chocolate Energy Balls by The Blissful Balance

2. Hazelnut Espresso Energy Balls by Ana Goes Fit

3. Healthy Mocha Brownies by The Clean Eating Couple

4. Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls by A Fit Philosophy

Lemon Chia Seed Granola

5. Lemon Chia Seed Granola by Fooduzzi

6. Skinny Stovetop Kettle Corn by Enticing Healthy Eating

7. No-Bake Vegan Protein Bars by Burpees for Breakfast

Mint Chocolate Sunflower Bites

8. Mint Chocolate Sunflower Bites by Strength and Sunshine

9. Tropical Granola by Fit Mitten Kitchen

10. 3-Ingredient Ranch Popcorn by The College Dish

11. No-Bake Peanut Butter Nutella Energy Bites by Athletic Avocado

12. Fruit and Nut Breakfast Cookies by Emma’s Little Kitchen

Spicy Jalapeno Almonds

13. Spicy Jalapeno Almonds by The Almond Eater

14. Spiced Roasted Almonds by Little Chef Big Appetite

15. Cheesy Rosemary Truffle Popcorn by Fit Living Eats

Gluten-Free Peanut Butter and Jelly Squares

16. Gluten-Free Peanut Butter and Jelly Squares by The Blissful Balance

17. Cranberry Almond Stovetop Granola by Food, Pleasure, and Health

Hemp Heart Superfood Cookies

18. Hemp Heart Superfood Cookies by In It for the Long Run

Join the conversation:
What snacks do you bring to work on the reg?
What are your ways to work around not having a refrigerator with your job?


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    Love this post so much. I feel like snacks are the key to me not overindulging at dinner time so I’m always looking for new snack ideas. Pinning this for sure! Also loving your chat in Food Entrepreneur Summit. I’m a day behind. My sis got married yesterday (woohoo!)

  2. says

    Your peanut butter and jelly bars are so good, and I love that you included so many energy bites, because energy bites are one of my favorite no bake, no refrigerate snacks. I guess I’m in the same boat as you where I live at home and work at home, so I can get snacks from the refrigerator, but I do love making snacks like these so my family can take them with them wherever they go.

    • says

      One instance where I NEED to bring snacks is when I visit my boyfriend on the weekends! He is a typical guy, graduate student, barely has any food in the house, and I can’t be going out for every meal!! Haha. Thanks for the love Emily!

  3. says

    Ummm I use those lil lulu bags for everything. Lunch box, mini gym bag, market bag, storage bags under sinks, HA. But really.
    I definitely appreciate a snack that needs no refrigeration. Especially when you’re out and about and don’t want to go hangry.
    Thanks for including my granola! It’s been too long since I’ve made granola, for real.

  4. says

    Yea, the Lulu lunch bag thing started happening approximately one day after I started working full time. Luckily I snuck a minifridge into my office so the walk or subway to work is all I need to worry about! These ideas are awesome for road trips too :) My go tos on the road are an apple and PB pack or string cheese, Larabars, etc.

  5. says

    Yes I need more snacky ideas so this roundup is perfect! I can take some of these to practice with me and don’t have to worry about putting them in the fridge! Thank you so much for featuring our pb nutella energy bites! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    • says

      What’s your job?! I did the same thing (as I said), so it was definitely something I had to get creative with as far as lunches/snacks go! I didn’t want to be buying lunch everyday.

  6. says

    STOP IT. You didn’t just ‘out’ me about using my Lulu bag for a lunch box (and a purse, and a beach bag, and a diaper bag…) How did you know?! 😉 Love sooooo many ideas here. I mean, everything looks freaking drool-worthy.

  7. says

    That sales field job sounds HELLA stressful. haha I’m one of those people who has snacks on her all.the.time, so it makes things way easier when a fridge is involved. Now that I work from home, it’s much easier to grab literally whatever from the fridge, but I still find myself gravitating towards those quick pantry staples like balls, popcorn, and granola.
    Thanks for linking up to my Lemon Chia Seed Granola! :)

    • says

      So stressful that I wrote an entire post about it LOL the worst. Sameee, I even bring snacks when I go visit Christian for the weekend hahaha as if it was this grandiose trip. Of course, such a yummy recipe!

  8. says

    Man I wish I’d had this list last year when I was living in the halls of residence and didn’t have a fridge. It was a hard time I tell ya. Those hazelnut espresso energy balls are calling my name.

  9. says

    I literally never leave the house without some sort of snack – NO ONE wants a hangry Emilie, trust me. Snacks are lifesavers, especially the ones that don’t need the fridge. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  10. says

    So I haven’t really encountered that problem (yet!) Going from class to class, ice packs are sufficient if I need something cold! But it’s always good to have things that will stay good (for days) with no chill! Bites, nuts, and crunchy chickpeas are the best!
    Thanks friend, for including me in this yummy, yummy round-up! (Snack attack!)

  11. says

    Oh, so many good recipes! I’ve been noshing on peanut butter and rice cakes for a snack these days at work. However, I’m totally in need of a few new snack bite recipes to take! Can’t wait to check out some of these recipes!

  12. says

    I love making healthy snacks ahead of time and bringing them with me to the office. All of these recipes look delish and I need to make a point to make them all :) Thanks for sharing my recipe too! Love those balls!


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