PB&J Protein Mug Cake

This PB&J Protein Mug Cake is the perfect, easy, protein-packed dessert you need after a long day. It requires just a few ingredients and takes less than two minutes to make.

PB&J Protein Mug Cake

Have you ever made a mug cake?

The last time I made one was in college when I would completely and utterly fail. I would follow these heinous recipes from various fitness “experts” that I would follow on social media. I would try to make the mug cake, it would over flow in the microwave, and the texture would come out nothing like cake and everything like gelatin. Vom.

I was basically convinced that mug cakes sucked and weren’t a real thing and everyone was lying to me.

Until now.

PB&J Protein Mug Cake

I’ve made my protein mug cake and I can eat it, too.

Back when I was in college and transitioning to a “healthier lifestyle” after gaining the “freshman fifteen”, I would try the most unconventional recipes. Every single thing I made HAD to be “healthier” and “low-calorie” and “gluten-free” and “high-protein”. Have you ever seen someone use so many quotes in one paragraph? I don’t think so (don’t I win a Guinness World Record for that, or something?)

This was back when I wouldn’t allow myself certain foods, so every single thing I put in my body had to fit into my diet in a particular way, usually numerically if ya ‘namsayinnn (former calorie counter in the hizzouse). I was following way too many fitness “professionals” (there we go with the quotes), aka bikini competitors that I’d viewed as professionals, which ended up having a negative influence on me.

After having gone through that, I now happily enjoy all of the food I consume, and I allow myself to eat whatever I feel like eating. However, I do like to challenge myself at times to see which recipes I can add more protein to, or make into a vegan concoction (although, I am the furthest from vegan), or extract gluten from, or use healthy fats instead of unhealthy fats with. One big factor inspiring me to do this is you guys! I know there is such a wide range of diets out there, so having TBB has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made me experiment with so many different styles of eating (if that makes sense).

PB&J Protein Mug Cake PB&J Protein Mug Cake

So, now that we’ve taken a little trip down memory lane, you know why I’m excited about this mug cake. It’s not so “healthy” that it tastes like cardboard – it’s got real cake ingredients (I am trying SO hard not to use quotations) plus some added protein to keep you full and strong.

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This mug cake requires just six ingredients, is super moist and dense, and combines the best marriage of flavors in the entire world: peanut butter and jelly. I have legitimately thought of naming my future children peanut butter and jelly. No I haven’t.

PB&J Protein Mug Cake

Quick tips for mug cake making:

Try to use a larger rimmed mug so that your cake doesn’t overflow in a smaller one (think wide versus tall and thin). 

You can either stir your ingredients outside of the mug and pour the batter in, or simply stir in the mug. To keep it in the mug (and not spill all over because you’re trying to stir in a tiny concoction) start with tiny whisking movements in the mug and then, as the batter begins to form, stir normally with larger movements. 

Start cooking your cake at one minute. Check doneness with a fork or a toothpick – if it comes out clean, you’re done. If it comes out covered with batter, continue cooking with 15-second increments. 

PB&J Protein Mug Cake

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PB&J Protein Mug Cake
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1 mug cake
  • 1 tbsp vanilla protein powder
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp jelly
  1. Combine protein powder, baking powder, and flour in your mug. Stir with a fork until well-combined.
  2. Add in peanut butter, almond milk, and sugar.
  3. Stir until smooth batter is formed.
  4. Place in the microwave for 1 minute. If not yet cooked, continue cooking in 15-minute increments until a fork/toothpick comes out clean.
  5. Top with jelly of choice (I used apricot) and drizzle with melted peanut butter.


PB&J Protein Mug Cake


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Have you ever fallen into a diet fad and tried foods that aren’t normal for you?
What’s your favorite sweet snack to eat after a long day?

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PB&J Protein Mug Cake


  1. says

    I went through the phase of trying the bullet proof coffee craze…I didn’t like it and I like to eat my fat calories in the form on nut butters. I love a good protein mug cake, but honestly I haven’t made one in a while. I have been on a protein pancake TEAR! 😉

  2. says

    Did you say, ‘moist’? That’s the one thing that I have struggled with with my mug cakes. This is SO simple. I wish I could say I was a former calorie counter too; but I still kind of sub consciously do it in my head… :) However, it’s inspiring to think that you’ve conquered it, and I know it’s possible for me too. :)

  3. says

    My love for mug cake runs deep. And you really can’t go wrong with PB and J.

    I used to be the queen of fad diets, but thankfully that time in my life is over. I do agree that it is fun to use new and different ingredients though!

  4. says

    I tried a protein cake once and it was an epic fail and tasted terrible, but I am totally willing to give this one a try since you had a similar experience. I too love finding ways to add a little extra protein to my diet.

  5. says

    This looks so goooood! It’s been ages since I’ve made a mugcake too.
    And I agree with liking to experiment! I don’t truly restrict much from my diet or eat one particular way, but overall I like to be able to offer a variety and eat a variety of things. #balanceyall :-p <3

  6. says

    So funny because I thought the exact same thing about mug cakes. The first time I tried it, I made one that had real sugar and flour etc but they said to use an egg and my mug cake just ended up like chocolate-flavoured scrambled eggs (bleugh.)
    However, my flatmates are obsessed with mug cakes so they encouraged me to give it another shot. And now I can’t stop.

  7. Andy Atari says

    Say hi to a fellow former calorie counter! Haha! I was pretty obsessed with counting calories too, and everything else you put in quotation marks. That was for a week before I got tired of stressing out about how many calories this one meal would add up to and whether or not I could afford to eat a snack in the afternoon, I gave up. So much healthier to listen to your body and eat according to what it needs.

    And by the way, I can’t resist anything with peanut butter in it. These rock! Gotta go make them right now. :)


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