Names Over Numbers: How I Combat the Traffic Slump

Names Over Numbers: How I Combat the Traffic Slump

Dealing with low traffic as a blogger is frustrating. Here is how I get through the traffic slump, and grow despite it.

Confession time: I have been blogging for almost three years (three in October) and my traffic is nowhere where I’d like it to be or where I’d expected it to be by this point.

At times it has felt like I am doing everything in my power, calculating every move I make, every recipe I develop, every word I write, and those numbers still don’t reach my expectations. Not to mention, after an issue with my Google Analytics lead me to believe I had about four times the page views than I actually did, and I fixed the issue only to see what the actual number was… well, discouraged is an understatement.

This feeling brings me back to high school. I vividly remember sitting in my AP U.S. History class feeling the least confident in myself I ever had. It was about that time of year that us seniors were going to find out if we’d been accepted into college. The University of Florida was my absolute number one; I could not envision myself going anywhere but there. Yet, all I heard all day were my peers talk about the A’s they’d received on exams they’d barely studied for, or how high their GPAs were. All I could think about was how I’d busted my ass for the same exams, only to receive a B or lower. Or how my GPA wasn’t comparable to theirs. Or how hard it is to get into the University of Florida, which lead me to think that I would not get into the school of my dreams.

Spoiler alert: I have my Bachelor’s in Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration, from none other than the University of Florida.

Names Over Numbers: How I Combat the Traffic Slump

But I remember being so fixated on numbers getting me to where I wanted to be, that I’d let the other parts of me fly away. I’d forgotten that I was a four-year varsity athlete in two sports. Or that I was an active member of countless school organizations. Or that my application essay made my family members cry because of its powerful message.

So, by the same token, this feeling has undoubtedly translated into the blogging world over the past couple years. But, this time, I am not blind to the other parts of me. The other parts of me have surfaced in the form of you…the reader.

I believe that because my traffic is where it is, I have trained myself to connect with my readers on an intimate level. I have learned that names are more important than numbers. I have forced myself to focus on the big picture. I have put my energy into providing quality content for my audience. I have honed my writing skills and learned how to understand who I am speaking to. And truthfully, as a result of this, I have lost care in what my numbers look like. I feel empowered knowing that the connections I’ve made, the brand I’ve built, the opportunities I’ve been granted, do not rely on what my Google Analytics tells me. They rely on my talents, on my hard work, on the quality I bring, on my ability to hustle, on my vulnerability.

I feel so grateful to have had the chance to discuss this message along with Georgie in the Food Entrepreneur Summit with Nicole Culver – a virtual event featuring 22 speakers and 20 masterclasses geared toward helping you grow your brand while connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The Food Entrepreneur Summit

Georgie and I are representing our community/brand, the BGB Community, and discussing how to figure out what it takes to stand out in an industry full of makers and shakers, and how you, too, can grow an audience by maintaining a balance of vulnerability and upholding a uniform brand image. Something I really dig deep into is connecting with your reader, because I have learned that the most valuable thing in this world is your tribe, and the importance of forming a connection with them is invaluable.

In the food and healthy living digital space, it can feel sort of impossible to stand out. At times you might think “this has already been done”, or “there are millions of food blogs, why would I start one?” or worse, you get bit by the comparison bug. As someone who has been there, who has felt the lowest self esteem about her own abilities, and who has experienced the comparison trap… it’s not worth it, it’s not realistic, and it’s not what matters. What does matter? People matter. The ones who are your loyal fans. The ones who understand you, who engage with you, who tell others about your awesomeness, who think you’re funny, who are your ride or die blogging buds. Your tribe matters.

That’s why we believe it’s crucial to be yourself, connect, and create a balance of vulnerability and brand uniformity within your space in order to form your tribe of badasses.

I spilled my heart out in our Food Entrepreneur Summit masterclass, and I’d be honored if you joined us. The Summit is 40% off until TODAY – last day to take advantage of the discount (more info here)! Did I mention Georgie and I are among some totally rad women for this Summit? Here’s the full list of speakers:

The Food Entrepreneur Summit

Jessica Merchant, How Sweet Eats
Rachel Mansfield,
Georgie Morley, In It 4 the Long Run + BGB Community
Christina Valenziano, The Blissful Balance + BGB Community (<– hey, that’s me!)
Ali Maffucci,
Alexis Joseph,
Danielle Liss, Businessese
Amanda Brooks, Run to the Finish
Erika Kerekes, Not Ketchup
Nikki Frezza, Nikki’s Coconut Butter
Erika Welsh, Wild Friends Foods
Lee Hersh, Fit Foodie Finds
Davida Kugelmass, The Healthy Maven
Nicole Holland, Business Building Rockstars Show
Katy Widrick, Make Media Over
Lindsay Cotter, Cotter Crunch
Sarah Kay Hoffman,
Nicole Centeno, Splendid Spoon
Michele MacDonald, Sweet Note Bakery
Erica House,
Brittany Mullins, Eating Bird Food
Rachel Luna,

I feel so blessed to chat about my passions amongst women who I look up to! Thanks to Nicole for organizing this epic virtual get-together.

To see a quick snippet of our masterclass, click here!

See you there!


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      Hey Marina! The summit is actually a virtual event where you watch the masterclasses that have been pre-recorded! Maybe you already knew that but just making sure haha :)) thanks girl!

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    Love this post and it is so true — focusing on names over numbers is really where it is at in growing our blogs. I had the same issue with Google Analytics where it was showing my numbers were way higher than they actually were and when I first found out what my numbers actually were, I beat myself up over it, but then I realized that I have built a close knit following where I have formed relationships with my readers and have gained their trust and respect, and to me that is way more important than any number that Google Analytics tries to tell me.
    Brie @ Lean, Clean, & Brie recently posted…Top Evening Habits of Fitness BloggersMy Profile

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    This is so true and I reminder for all of us! Sometimes I think what we read online gets in our heads and makes us obsessed with numbers. I feel like this is true about many things and not just blogging… weight, salaries, etc.

    I’m going to have to check out that Summit. Thanks! xo, Kristina

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    Wish I could go to the summit! Love this post- so important to not get caught up in the numbers with blogging and remember that we do it because we love it! <3

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    I love this and am so excited for The Food Entrepreneur Summit! I have been blogging for a little over 2 years now and my numbers are definitely not where I want them to be, but the engagement I’m receiving continues to grow every day. I prefer to see familiar faces commenting and coming back to my blog than more pageviews. It means so much more to me personally.
    Kellen McAvoy recently posted…How to Workout On VacationMy Profile

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    I love this post! I read your blog because I find you to be so relatable, and I could see myself being friends with you in “real life.” I would love to go to a Blogger meetup of some sort some day!
    Sarah recently posted…I Took the JumpMy Profile

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    I totally here you. I’m actually celebrating my 2 year blogging anniversary this week and my numbers are absolutely no where near I thought they would be at this time. But I love my blog so I’ll just keep trying. 😊

    Can’t wait for the summit! I hope to get lots more info on how to make my blog even better!

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    I really appreciate the way you genuinely care about the readers and friends you do have. I also just want to encourage you and remind you of how far you have come. Because from where I’m sitting, what you have achieved is amazing. You are such a great role model, keep it up!

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    Wow, and it’s amazing where this journey has brought you Christina. You are a huge blessing to many other bloggers, and think about all the cool relationships you and Georgie have developed. You have reminded me of the relationship element that is SO foundational to blogging, and thank you SO MUCH!!! <3 I can't wait to see you grow and grow. What you are doing here, you do so well and excellently!
    Emily recently posted…When Recovery Hunger Ignites Real HungerMy Profile

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    i think it’s awesome to hear this (not that you get discouraged haha, obviously it’s not great to hear that), but to know that someone that i look up to and admire also goes through the same thoughts and frustrations that i deal with. blogging is SUCH a rollercoaster and comparing ourselves to others can seriously impact the ‘down’ phases. thanks for sharing your story girl xx
    Beverley @ Born to Sweat recently posted…How To Do A Squat Correctly: Top 5 TipsMy Profile

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    I love this! As a new blogger I am addicted to looking at page views and numbers but I know that its a process!

    What sports did you play in college!?

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    This resonates. Sometimes i forget to have fun, make food and take pictures… things i LOVE… and fall into a deep internet hole of traffic and pinning and keywords. I’m what we call a wanna-B: Type A that’s dying to be Type B… so i like the fun stuff but easily get sucked into the numbers. :) But you have tons of comments!! so that’s awesome!!

    I’d love to go to this summit, but I already have a different trip booked :( Hope its a blast and you all have fun and learn lots!


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