The Ultimate Guide to Breakfast On-The-Go

The Ultimate Guide to Breakfast On-The-Go


The Ultimate Guide to Breakfast On-The-Go is a recipe book that not only provides 20 recipes for easy mornings, but it gives you the tools to plan, prepare, and enjoy your weekday breakfasts.

If you’re tired of the same, boring breakfasts everyday, or you’re trying to save money and stay away from expensive coffee shop breakfast sandwiches, this cookbook is for you.

Helpful Meal Prep and Cooking Tips

Meal prep is the most important part of the easy weekday breakfast lifestyle. One hour of preparation can save you several hours during the week, cooking and stressing about morning meals.

With this cookbook, you’ll receive time-saving meal prep tips and useful cooking tips like how to batch cook eggs and how to achieve the perfect green smoothie texture.


We all have different schedules, different routines, and different taste.

Some of us have to run out the door early, and some work from home. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite before your early AM workout, or you need something to eat on your drive to work that won’t cause a car wreck, or you’re just looking to switch up your pre-work meal, this cookbook has something for you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Breakfast-on-the-Go


The Ultimate Guide to Breakfast On-The-Go is right for you if you…

…often find yourself skipping breakfast because you have no time in the morning, making you starving by 10am. 

…have a field job that requires you to be at work in the very early morning and keep your breakfast in your car.

…need something small to fuel an AM workout.

…are trying to save money and avoid getting fast food breakfast.

…are sick of your everyday breakfast routine.

…are looking to add some protein to your breakfast.

…are looking for hand-held options that you can eat safely on the way to work.

…need a breakfast you can prepare ahead of time, then grab-and-go during the week.


Being a homebody that enjoys that morning time of silence and solace, that relaxation before the day starts when the coffee is strong and the world is calm, I was devastated to find out that my morning routine would change indefinitely with my new demanding job. I had been purposefully waking up an hour and a half before I was to leave the house each day so that I could revel in my morning serenity and enjoy my breakfast leisurely before the buzz of the biz. A new job that required me to walk in to my first location by 7:00, 6:00, sometimes 5:45 AM, flipped my world upside down.

I wallowed in self-pity at first, but I soon became a champion of the meal prep lifestyle. I loathe feeling unprepared or rushed or stressed. Preparing everything thoughtfully and with a plan helped calm my nerves, and resulted in me still enjoying my meals despite being in a moving vehicle 90% of the time.

That is why I created The Ultimate Guide to Breakfast On-The-Go.

you’ll see recipes like this:

Videos not included in package.

What you’re getting:

Valuable meal prep and cooking tips: how to ease the process, how to batch-cook eggs, how to achieve the perfect smoothie, and more.

20 simple, tasty recipes: overnight oats, muffins, protein bars, scones, smoothies, sandwiches, and pre-workout snacks.

Vibrant, quality imagery for each recipe.

A four-week meal plan and accompanying grocery list to make shopping and planning a breeze.

The Ultimate Guide to Breakfast On-The-Go

The Ultimate Guide to Breakfast On-the-Go


Overnight oats, pumpkin muffins, and preworkout balls!!!! Eric and I needed this for our busy mornings. Everything so far has been sooooo good. Thank you!!

-Katie Whitten, Nurse

I’m one of those people that wakes up RAVENOUS! While I love the thought of preparing a super nourishing and delicious breakfast, more often than not I typically grab the easiest most convenient option – whether that be cereal or a granola bar. Christina’s Ultimate Breakfast Guide was the PERFECT solution to my breakfast rut. Her prep guide and meal plan were so easy to follow (especially for a newbie in the kitchen, like myself!). I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my Sunday prep day and how accomplished I felt knowing that I had a full weeks worth of breakfasts ready to go. It was great to wake up every morning without having to worry about figuring out what I wanted or taking the extra time to make something. The Ultimate Breakfast Guide has really helped me get EXCITED about food, and has added some much-needed variety to my meals without sacrificing on convenience.
– Jenn Orcutt, Freelance Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur

Being a breakfast person myself, I LOVE all the options in this book. I always like to change up my breakfasts and Christina gives you so many recipes with an easy 4 week meal plan. AND there’s no guessing with what to get at the store because she even provides a grocery list. The PB & J Smoothie and the Chocolate Chip Espresso Muffins were some of my favorites, but you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them!
Ashley Hovey, Freelance Gymnastics Fashion Designer

The Ultimate Guide to Breakfast On-The-Go is the perfect solution to busy bees and anyone suffering from breakfast boredom.

Ready for a new and improved 

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