Great Gatsby Bachelorette Party

A fun The Great Gatsby Bachelorette Party complete with 1920’s garb, food from the era and a perfectly fitting speakeasy to match!

A Great Gatsby-themed bachelorette party!

Today is technically Trending Tuesday, but this post is going to be a little different. Since I’ve been so busy the last couple weeks preparing for my sisters bridal weekend, I haven’t really been paying attention to anything else. Therefore, today’s Trending Tuesday is about one thing: the bachelorette party!

Since three out of the four bridesmaids are from out of state (one out of the country), my sister decided to hold the bridal shower on Saturday morning, and the bachelorette on Saturday night. In order to avoid putting too much stress on everyone at once, she divided bridesmaids duties so that me and Melissa were in charge of the bridal shower, and Jennifer and Ashley were in charge of the bachelorette.

The theme requested from the bride (and that we thought perfectly complemented her classic Kate Spade shower), was The Great Gatsby!

While Melissa, my mom and I had been so focused on planning the bridal shower, Jennifer and Ashley were in their own world planning this stunning and lavish bachelorette. They did research on the Jazz Era to find out what popular drinks were, what food they should serve, what everyone should wear, and more.

We all dressed in our best 1920’s garb and met at Ciro’s Speakeasy on Bayshore Blvd. During prohibition, speakeasies were gatherings held usually underground where people would indulge in bootlegging, the illegal selling, manufacturing and transportation of alcohol. True to it’s theme, this restaurant was hard to find. As Siri told us we’d arrived at our destination, we looked around and saw no restaurant. We ended up pulling into what seemed like an apartment complex, driving around the back and seeing a wooden door with “Ciro’s” written above it, hidden behind a walkway and greenery.

  This was my first ‘speakeasy’ experience; it was absolutely perfect for the theme of the bachelorette. When we arrived, my sister knocked on the door and the hostess opened a little window to ask us what the password was. My sister provided her with the password that we’d been given and the door was opened. We entered the dark room and immediately saw our group of girls seated at a table near the bar and the entrance. Everybody looked great in their flapper inspired outfits.

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Ciro’s had an eclectic menu of tapas-style small plates. Additionally, they provide you with a small booklet of drink options, and one menu per table. The restaurant is so dark that the menu has an LED back light.


They are known for having fantastic drinks, so we immediately got to ordering. My first drink was a “Bacardi Cocktail” which was a mixture of Bacardi rum, grenadine, lime and sugar. I always ask for light sugar.


Please excuse the graininess and sub par photography. My iPhone couldn’t handle the darkness.

We finally got to ordering our “small” plates. We shared a hummus plate, crab cakes (amazing), pork sausage sliders, black truffle popcorn, duck fat fries, and more. Everybody sort of partnered with each other and ordered something to share.

IMG_8053 IMG_8054 IMG_8056 IMG_8057 IMG_8059

After dinner, we went to our hotel for gifts, games, and more drinks.

IMG_8085 IMG_8088My sister’s dress is Dillard’s and her headband is Charming Charlie, while my dress is White House Black Market and a Charming Charlie headband, as well.

Jennifer and Ashley did an amazing job decorating the hotel room, even after contributing so much energy to the bridal shower that morning. They set up a champagne bar, a table with drinks and an olive tray, cheese cubes and lemon cakes, a table with popcorn, and other decorations like flowers, picture frames, a photo wall and more.

IMG_8073 IMG_8076 IMG_8078 IMG_8081 IMG_8082 IMG_8090

They had printed a “He Said She Said” game where there was a list of quotes and we were all to guess who said it: the bride or the groom. We then played a Scattegories game with the word BRIDE. We shared many laughs and actually struggled a little bit trying to come up with words for each category and letter. Mix alcohol with Scattegories and you’ll be sure to have a fun time.

After my sister opened her gifts, we had picture time on the balcony of our room. We stayed in the Aloft Hotel in downtown. They were very accommodating and let Jennifer and Ashley borrow a few extra tables and chairs knowing we were having a small party in the room.

IMG_8113 IMG_8124  IMG_8137 IMG_8139 IMG_8145

My sister wanted to keep everything low key, so we decided to just go downstairs to the hotel bar. There was a pretty big party, as there were two weddings that night near the hotel, and the guests went to this bar as their after party. I would say the weirdest part of the night was watching a bride jump into the pool in her beautiful wedding gown.

IMG_8147 IMG_8150

We all had a great time and kudos to Jennifer and Ashley for the awesome set up!

Do you have any crazy bachelorette stories?
Where do you think is the best city to hold a bachelorette?

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